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Design brief

We have complete trust in our Indian Government and believe that if we follow the guidelines by our Central and State government, we will be in a much better place than what our fears can guide us to.

The global pandemic has raised a lot of anxiety and fear. Our design concept is a brainchild due to such feelings. This video is an attempt to provide a 3D design solution that helps mass transportation and isolation of our fellow brothers and sisters infected or suspected with coronavirus.

With this video we wish to appeal to fellow designers and non-designers to help build a frugal yet functional healthcare product making best facilities available irrespective of one’s socio-economic identity.

When times get tough and there is a need to transport huge numbers of patients an ambulance will not be the best resort as it just serves one individual at a time. Also, most suspects do not need most of the services available in a conventional ambulance.

The design needed to have a frugal approach for it to be mass manufactured and distributed to all in need of the service irrespective of one’s socioeconomic identity. Thus, all our components are such that they can be procured from a hardware store in your vicinity making it easy to be prototyped.

Next, we wanted it to be something that can be easily incorporated in a healthcare institution. So, having the base of a stretcher makes it a product that healthcare providers are already trained for making them better functional in frantic times.
Also, mass transportation means stretching our arms to incorporate our daily wage workers and truck drivers by making provisions of special PPE kits for them which otherwise they would be devoid of. Including a larger workforce will also enable a little slacking time for our healthcare professionals and will help retain their mental and physical energies in a healthier sense for a much longer span.

Better isolation and better transportation play a pivotal role in curing & curbing the global pandemic.
Maybe, our country does not need this. But our fellow globe sharing members might be benefited for sure.

I love my country and together we can knock you down, Corona! It has been too long Go Away already!

Jai Hind!

Mihir Kale

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